15 years later

How to explain to your children that even hundreds of miles away the phone systems went down and we lost all communication with loved ones. 

How to explain the fear that completely overtook you. 

How to explain the uncertainty of protecting your unborn child from something completely unknown.

How to explain the shock you felt through your entire body as you witnessed a mammoth,  solid building disintegrate upon itself like it was made of paper. 

How to explain the world ‘before’…a world where family restaurants did not have TVs. A world without fear. 

These are not easy things to explain. Especially when 15 years later you still don’t understand why some people are so filled with hate. Sometimes it feels easier to not explain or talk about it. But that’s not the right thing to do…because when we ignore tough subjects it can make things worse. Or seem like they’re taboo and shouldn’t be talked about. This applies to everything…not just what happened 15 years ago today. 

So today, I will remember that day in my heart and with my family by telling my boys my story of September 11, 2001. 


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