It’s Monday! What are you reading? Visit Jen Vincent’s blog Teach Mentor Texts for more!

This last week has been crazy busy! School and work and family. But I am so thankful for my 25-minute drive to work so I can listen to great books!

This week I am reading 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass It is a really cute MG book about a girl turning 11 and all of the drama that happens with being 11. I am finding myself cringing and yelling and shouting ‘YES!’ Or ‘finally!’ Or ‘No! Don’t do it!’ As I am listening. My whole body cringes with the memories of being 11 myself, that’s how realistic this book is when it comes to tweenage drama.

I am also still plugging away at Gertie’s Leap to Greatness by Kate Beasley I really like this book but it’s my ‘bedtime read’ since my other waking hours are spent working on homework. And since it’s my bedtime read I may only get through a page at a time before falling asleep. I love Gertie!! She is trying so hard to be great at something to draw the attention of her estranged mother, while at the same time being a 5th grader.

This week I am also reading The Dot by Peter Reynolds to all of my kindergarten classes in celebration of International Dot Day! I adore this book about ‘making your mark’ it is perfect for everyone young and old alike. I can’t wait to read the book, do some activities and sing this great song by  Emily Arrow with them!

So what are you reading today?


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